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Romance, intrigue, inspirational stories... they are all well and good but sometimes don't you just crave that feeling when your skin starts to prickle and an icy skill creeps up your spine. Well, we've got the books for you.
Jessie Keane
by Sophie Barnes

Born partially deaf and the youngest of 8 children (the only girl!), Jessie won her first prize for writing when she was 8 years old, and never looked back. She went through many jobs – in a chip shop, behind the deli counter of the local Co-op, trainee dental nurse, clerk – and hated all of them. But teaching herself to type & always keeping up her writing she became a tutor for Writers’ News and the Open College of Arts. After seeing a film about the Krays, Jessie grew fascinated by the 60’s era and by the gangsters who ruled the East End of London. She started writing her first novel, Dirty Game while wearing an overcoat to save putting the central heating on. She now lives very warmly with her partner in Southampton.

Dirty Game

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In 1960’s East End, Annie Bailey has to fend against her alcoholic mother and two gangs the Delaney’s and the Carter’s. Oh the Carters! Annie loves Max, the boss, so why is her sister Ruthie marrying him? Madam Annie has to grow up fast in a world of violence, death and prostitution. Is a happy ending possible? This novel is the first of a trilogy about Annie Bailey’s life. As it is a novel based around violence and Annie’s life comes in danger frequently, it is not for the faint hearted, but enjoy with relish the love story subplot. The characters are easy to empathise with, even if you haven’t been in the same situation, one finds themselves willing certain characters into safety or towards lost love.

Black Widow

Annie Bailey is now Annie Carter and living in Majorca with Max and their daughter Layla. Then one day: Boom! An explosion at their villa ruins Annie’s idyllic life for good. Gone are Layla and Max. The demands soon surface and she must return to London to have any hope of getting her husband and daughter back. Dramatic and with twists and turns throughout the novel, you will be inclined to read on to find out the resolution. Thrilling, and with a basis of Annie’s love for her family to spur her on. This is the better novel of the two, with Jessie Keane improving her character profile and grabbing the reader somewhat better than in ‘Dirty Game’.

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Her new novel ‘Scarlet Woman’ is out October 09


It’s 1970 and there’s a killer on the loose in London. Escort girls are being picked off one by one and no-one seems to care. When gang boss Annie Carter gets a call, suddenly it’d personal. A close friend is the latest victim, and another friend is in the frame for her murder. He swears he’s innocent, but the Bill are looking to pin this crime, and the others, on him. Chris’s fate isn’t the only thing on Annie’s mind. The hated Delaney gang are still causing trouble on her manor, and the feud’s going to blow up in all their faces very soon. She is re-opening her late husband’s favourite club – and someone seems determined to stop her. New York mafia don Constantine Barolli hasn’t been in touch, and his family are making no secret of the fact that they hate her and will stop at nothing to keep it that way.

To save her old mate – Chris Brown, the ex-boxer and former doorman from the Limehouse brothel - from a life behind bars, Annie has to try to find out who’s been targeting the girls, these scarlet women whose lives are seemingly without value to the general public and the police. Before very long she’s diving head-first into the seedy underbelly of the streets and trying to make sense of what’s happening. It’s a race against time, because if Chris didn’t do it, then who did? How can she get to the bottom of this mystery and bring the real perpetrator out into the light of day? And if she can’t flush him – or her – out, how long will it be before the real killer strikes again? And who will the next victim be?

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Coming in 2010 - JAIL BIRD: 'Lily King is out, and that's bad news for somebody...'

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